2 Adults + 6 Kids + 1 Pond on 10 Acres = Happy Dogs

​The Murray's believe that Jesus is Lord and desire to honor God by not working on Sunday and by spending time in church and with family. 

We do hope that you will call or contact us, but please understand that it will likely be Monday before you hear back from us.  Believe us, our puppies are worth the wait!

Here are just a few real reasons why.

All Great Oaks Puppies:

  • Carry a 3 year health guarantee.
    • This gives you protection and peace of mind.


  • Come micro-chipped.
    • To help them get home in the unfortunate event they get lost.

  • Have hundreds of detailed testimonies from Great Oaks families.
    • This can help you to see what to expect and insure that your confidence is well placed.

  • Come with a truly wonderful experience! (if you don't believe us, read our testimonies)
    • Fast responses to your inquiries. (We normally answer the phone or call back within minutes)
    • Continual communication throughout the process.
    • Puppy Pick Day......You pick your puppy.  Some breeders want to pick your puppy for you or meet you some place to drop off your puppy.  NOT US.  We schedule a time for you to sit down with all the puppies and pick the newest furry member of your family.

  • Come with extra immunizations.  
    • Most breeders send puppies home with 1 puppy shot.  We spend the extra time, money and effort to give 2 vaccinations to save you a vet visit and give your puppy the extra immunity it needs going home.  

  • ​Are gorgeous, happy, healthy puppies.
    • ​Let's face it.  Everyone wants a beautiful, socialized, fun, healthy puppy.....and that is the only way we do things.

To see those wonderful testimonies we were talking about...just click the blue box below.

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