Why buy a puppy from Great Oaks Kennel?

Some of our past puppies.

​​Here are just a few real reasons why.

All Great Oaks Puppies:

  • Carry a 3 year health guarantee.​  ​
    • This gives you protection and peace of mind.  (You can see this on the "Health Guarantee" page)

  • Come micro-chipped.​
    • To help them get home in the unfortunate event they get lost.​​

  • Have HUNDREDS of detailed testimonies from our families. (Check out testimonies page.)​
    • ​This can help you to see what to expect and insure that your confidence is well placed.

  • Come with a truly wonderful experience! (again, read our testimonies if you don't believe us)
    • Fast responses to your inquiries. (We normally answer the phone or call back within minutes)
    • Continual communication throughout the process.
    • Puppy Pick Day......You pick your puppy.  Some breeders want to pick your puppy for you or meet you some place to drop off your puppy.  NOT US.  We schedule a time for you to sit down with all the puppies and pick the newest furry member of your family.

  • Come with extra immunizations.  ​
    • Most breeders send puppies home with 1 puppy shot.  We spend the extra time, money and effort to give 2 vaccinations to save you a vet visit and give your puppy the extra immunity it needs going home.  

  • Are gorgeous, happy, healthy puppies.​
    • ​Let's face it.  Everyone wants a beautiful, socialized, fun, healthy puppy.....and that is the only way we do things.

Purple Female

Golden Retriever Puppies

We currently do not have any Golden Retriever puppies. We are hoping for a litter in late April. Please give us a call if you are interested in a future litter.  We would love to help you!​​

Enjoy the newest members of our Golden Retriever family.